Peach: Celebrating Life in the Shadow of Death


PEACH – written in lyrical, soulful prose and poetry by Jenevieve ‘Peach’ Woods – is a heartfelt account of her life as the invisible girl, shunned because she is afflicted with a life-altering disease. Her book is part of her mission to ‘celebrate our differences, and to treat each other with kindness and dignity’. Ms. Woods’ book demonstrates wisdom, compassion, and insight into the human condition that is far beyond her eighteen years. She praises her mom for being her hero, her stepfather for being her rock, and her brothers for being her soul mates. She accepts the life granted her with grace and even gratitude: ‘HERE IS THE GREAT PART: I am glad I have this disease, mostly because I have come to understand and have discovered the meaning in my life. It is to help others. I have a unique set of glasses that I wear that gives me the power to see everybody’s soul and their truest self.’

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