Mushrooms for Dinner


Brigitta Day is a remarkable woman with a remarkable story that is reminiscent of All Quiet on the Western Front. In her compelling and heartfelt monologue, she invites readers into her contradictory world of fear and contentment, hunger and plenty, cruelty and compassion, defeat and victory. Her story of life in Germany during the early years of World War Two spans 26 years, from her birth in 1938 to her immigration to America in 1963 with an infant daughter. Brigitta lived in Leipzig and surrounding small towns with her extended family and watched as Allies’ bombs reduced a thriving city to rubble and desperation. She details with considerable angst how she and her family subsisted on mushrooms and berries picked form nearby woods, and how they fled from East to West Germany to escape the cruelty of the Russian army and find the protection of the more compassionate Americans and British.

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