Looking for Lauren


Wilcox, the unlikely detective and protagonist of the novel, is an obese, frustrated, aging bookkeeper, whose ad in a Richmond, Virginia newspaper is surprisingly answered by Sara Wright, a fairly prominent attorney who wants him to find her sister Lauren. Wilcox is easily duped, partially succeeds in his quest, but is shot by his client who claims that he is a burglar caught in the act. Convalescing, he loses nearly 100 pounds and gains an identity crisis. In a misguided attempt to reconnect to his old self, fresh from the hospital, he confronts Sara again. This time she offers him another job, sending him to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, where most of the novel’s action takes place. Wilcox figures that as long as he maintains regular contact with Sara Wright, he’ll be able to amass evidence against her, for he strongly believes that she had murdered her own sister after Wilcox provided Sara with the girl’s location. There are many obstacles and diversions in “America’s Paradise,” but he is eventually able to overcome Sara’s henchmen, foil her plans, extricate himself from a honey trap, and begin what may be for the first time in his life, a mature, romantic relationship with a woman.

After his client shoots him, the once obese detective Wilcox loses 100 pounds and gains an identity crisis. The same client, Sara Wright, hires him again and sends him on a fool’s errand to the Virgin Islands. Wilcox is convinced that he’ll find evidence there proving that Sara killed her missing sister Lauren. Little does he know that Caliban, Sara’s ruthless henchman, has him targeted for doom. Will he find Lauren or her corpse? Will he become a corpse himself?

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