Leadership for Profitable Sustainability: The Executive’s How-To Guide


CAUTION: Leadership for Profitable Sustainability is for mature readers only.
It will change the ways leaders, managers and others perceive and improve their communications to be more clear and efficient, and their behaviors to be more empathetic and irreproachable. It will maximize financial and psychic rewards for individuals and firms.
The author, Pete Geissler, answers, with his characteristic chatty and pointed style , the essential why and how questions: why and how can being more articulate lead to wealth and happiness … why and how can better writing and speaking lead to higher productivity and profitability … why and how does ethical behavior lead to sustainability and peace of mind … why and how does treating people with dignity lead to strategic competitive advantage …and how and why has the human side of business become the winning side.
LPS logically combines five books written by Pete Geissler into one; each of the five books has been critically applauded for its practical advice and immediate usefulness: …relevant, an excellent and timely message…a valuable self-improvement tool … a must-read book for all business starters, managers, and owners …elevates ethics to its rightful place at the forefront of our thoughts and actions… Pete Geissler’s sensible, pragmatic advice has greatly influenced my success and that of my staff and firm….and many other similar comments.
John Yasinsky, former Executive Vice President of Westinghouse Electric Corporation and former CEO of GENCORP, noted: “This book isn’t a cure-all for those who are dissatisfied with their professional, financial, and personal lives. No book is. But this is a good start.”

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