Heydays: The Roaring 70s in Newport Beach, CA Revisited


Hold onto your seats as Heydays takes you on a wild journey back into the sensuous seventies of Newport Beach, California, with a colorful cast of scoundrels and sybaritic sirens that will entertain you as only true life stories can. It’s a multi-layered tale of fraud and freebooting; of lust and licentiousness; of power and paganism. Heydays picks up where Harold Robbins left off; makes Fifty Shades of Grey blush; examines the metamorphosis of nymphomania—all of it within the exclusive domain of the Orange Coast’s prominent social, yacht and singles’ clubs. Visit the Cabo San Lucas of the seventies, when only a private plane could get you there. Vicariously enjoy a series of rendezvous in the exotic movie locations of Puerto Vallarta (Night of the Iguana), Las Hadas Resort (Ten) and Moorea. Get an insider’s view of the tumultuous rise and fall of the World Football League; of the pursuit and crowning of Miss American Teenager; of the agonies of ownership of a travel agency. This barn-burning novel of mischief and malfeasance transports you back into an unmatched era whose secrets have yet to be fully revealed. Author Ray Garra weaves main character Randall Grayson (Shallow Water Sailor) through a myriad of kaleidoscopic adventures in his ascent to prominence within the nefarious direct mail and sports publication industries, while engaging with a slew of Damon Runyon-type characters that include Vegas showgirls, a genuine Playmate of the Year, and a slew of leading ladies, all of whom are valid centerfolds themselves. Heydays is Garra’s second novel memorializing his multi-faceted life experiences … with more to come.

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